CEPU’s Vision, Mission, Motto and Values

CEPU Vision: CEPU’s vision is to see Ethiopian Public Universities team up to realize their roles as academic institutions in teaching, research and technology transfer, and service to society and ensure local and global competence.

 CEPU Mission:  CEPU’s mission is to advocate excellence in Ethiopian Public Universities through inter-university strategic alliance and collaboration.

 CEPU Motto: The motto of the Consortium is: “Teaming up for Quality Education, Community Engagement , Knowledge and Development.”

CEPU’S statement of Core Values

  1. Leadership and Collaboration

CEPU strives to be on the leading edge of sharing academic excellence, expertise and collaboration between and among its member public universities. We succeed when we work together with partners and stakeholders for a common purpose.

  1. Adaptability

CEPU intends to be a nimble, flexible and dynamic organization, able and willing to adapt to the evolving needs of members and the shifting landscape of higher education.

  1. Diversity

CEPU recognizes that their members may have diverse missions, disparate resources and distinct needs. Decisions undertaken on behalf of the organization are made with the greatest respect and support of these differences.

  4.Education  and  Professionalism

CEPU values the robust exchange of information and ideas, both among and between our own members and with those outside of the consortium with whom we may do business, and it also believes in high standard and professionally accomplished results and competence.

  5.Teamwork, cooperation and solidarity

The principle of teams and shared responsibility will be promoted at the CEPU secretariat and amongst the member HEIs to harness all available resources and expertise. As a member-based organization, CEPU  seeks  to strengthen cooperation and solidarity of the member HEIs to leverage on their relative strengths for  nation -wide  impacts on higher education in Ethiopia.