The CEPU  is  governed by the Council of Public University Presidents which elects governing board members. The current CEPU’s Governing Board Members are :

  1. Tassew Woldehanna, President of CEPU & AAU
  2. Dereje Engida  , V/ P CEPU & President of  AAST
  3. Lemi Guta, Board Memebr & President of ASTU
  4. Tadesse Kenea, Board Member & the then President of Ambo University, replaced by Dr. Bayisaa Letta , the incumbent president of Ambo University
  5. Nigus Tadesse  ( Subsituted Dr. Hailemariam Birke ), Board Member & President of D/ Berhan University

According to the Constitutions of the Consortium, the  new EC members serve for two years. However, they can be re-elected by the Council of the Presidents, which is the highest body of the CEPU.

Coming to the Secretariat of the CEPU which is the administrative wing of the Consortium, it started with two staff members who were:

1.Ato Yosef Girmaye ,  CEO, Consortium Secretariat  from 2010-2015

2.W/ro Biruktayte Dagnie, Office Secretary from 2010-2016

The two administrative staff members served the CEPU from its inception in 2010  up to 2016, and they left the Consortium to the current Secretariat Staff. The current administrative staff members of the CEPU include:

  1. Girma Wossenie, CEO, CEPU Secretariat
  2. W/ro Mesgana Tassew, Procurement and Property Head
  3. W/rt Fetlework Fikre, Administration and Finance Head
  4. W/t Kalkidan Terefe, Liaison Officer and  Assistant Cashier
  5. Ato Zerihun Ejeta, Security Officer of the Consortium