Addis Ababa University (AAU) in collaboration with Consortium of Ethiopian Public Universities (CEPU) hosted Ethiopian public universities’ joint conference held on peace building issues at the Faculty of Business and Economics today 16th of February 2021.

The main objectives of the conference focus on gaining insights into the way how strategic peace building and reconciliation prevail; share knowledge and best leadership practices; design, develop, employ and monitor effective peace building strategies.

It is also to create timely and relevant discourse in relation to sustainable peace and sensitize the role of technology to enhance peace building in the Ethiopian Public Universities and beyond.

Professor Tassew Weldehanna, President of AAU, in his opening remarks said that peace is the basis of a country and its citizens, but we understand its importance when we are in trouble, which needs a change of mindset.

According to Prof Tassew, AAU takes sustainable peace as priority requirement because both teachers and students alike need peace for their academic success. As peace lost on one side usually affects the other, AAU works intensively for its full realization entirely in Addis Ababa to ensure public peace wherever, he added.

“AAU management has made great strides believing in that it needs to work on a principle that will lift the people out of poverty. We need also to create a context in which our children can grow up peacefully, learn and take over their country with full responsibility,” Prof Tassew remarked.

As Prof Tassew stated, in order to make peace accessible to all sectors and forums, there is a need for closer dialogue and understanding as differences can be narrowed down by talking in civilized and peaceful ways.

 “You should take full advantage of this opportunity as the experts share their best experiences which is followed by your suggestions, questions and reflections so that you become more informed, confident and aware of the role that you can play on peace building and development in your respective universities and beyond,” Prof Tassew finally said.

The presentation delivered by scholars and followed by audience discussion, where almost all public universities’ presidents found, is believed to provide important opportunities to stimulate critical investigation into some major aspects on the way how the Ethiopian Public Universities can assume a more active and visible role in peace building and reconciliation process that transcends the academic world.

By: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Fikremariam Beyene