The Consortium of Ethiopian Public Universities ( CEPU) held its General Assembly in Jigjiga on November 27, 2027.  Based on the CEPU’s Constitution, its Governing Board is elected every two years by the General Assembly to serve a term which constitutes two years and the Board can stay in power only for two terms.

Accordingly, the outgoing CEPU’s Governing Board members were elected in 2019 and served the CEPU for more than four years. More specifically,  the outgoing members  reined the CEPU  from February 2019  up to   November 27,2023 , and the leaders were Professor Tassew Woldehanna ( Board Chairperson & President ) ,  Dr. Dereje Engida  (Vice President ) , Dr. Lemi Guta ( Board Member ) , Dr.  Nigus Tadesse  ( Board Member )  and Dr. Bayissa Leta ( Board Member ) .  Under the leadership of the outgoing Board members , the CEPU has witnessed a great deal of meaningful transformation ,such as developed its five year Strategic Plan ( 2022-2027 ), staged a number of conferences, seminars, etc that can promote  excellence in the Ethiopian Higher Education, and  addressed  issues of national importance, the GERD.

CEPU’s General Assembly Group Picture

Election in Process (partial View )

Having such a strong legacy, the outgoing Board Members set a schedule  for the election of new members on November 27, 2023.

 As a result, the CEPU’s  General Assembly, after expressing its deep gratitude to the outgoing Board Members for their achievements ,  elected  a new Governing Board Members who can serve the CEPU for the next two years,  Nov. 27, 2023 – Nov. 2025.  The newly elected CEPU’s Board Members are as follows:   Dr. Samuel Kifle (  Governing Board Chairperson and President, Dr. Berehanemeskel Tena ( Vice President),  Dr. Fana Hagos ( Board Member ), Dr. Ayano Berasso ( Board Member ), and  Dr. Mohammed Usman ( Board Member )

CEPU’s newly elected Governing Board Members and the outgoing Board Members in a group picture.